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The jackfruit tree in our back garden, restored to fruitfulness with OFA.

Growing back better!


Welcome to our updated blog. We suffered from a hacker attack, and our backups failed, so our website has been out of action for a while. Thanks to good work by our team and by our webmasters DA Tech, we are back, and we welcome you to our improved site.


Difficulties are often also doors to opportunity. True for our website, and true for current challenges with high prices for inorganic fertilizer, which mean many farmers believe they cannot afford to get the yields they need, or that even if they can afford inorganic fertilizer. It no longer makes economic sense, with its costs outweighing its benefits.


My recent article ((linked here) explains why, in our home country of Ghana at least (and soon in other African countries too), there isn’t really a fertilizer crisis, but rather an OFA Opportunity.


Our vision is to significantly increase the productivity, profitability, quality and sustainability of African agriculture leading to improved livelihoods and food security. We also aim to deliver big environmental and climate change mitigation and adaptation gains.


It’s exciting to be making strides towards delivering the vision, as tens of thousands of farmers are already using OFA with great results, and with our sales continuing to grow at least three fold year on year, our impact is increasing fast.


Alongside promoting OFA we are working on other similarly highly cost effective initiatives to help deliver our vision, particularly regarding improving food security – watch this space!


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