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OFA (Organic Farming Aid)

Increases Yields
Controls Pests
Stops Fungal Attacks
Incredibly cost-effectively

What is OFA?

OFA (Organic Farming Aid) is a biochar distillatemade using a natural wood vinegar (also called pyroligneous acid).  It is applied highly diluted with water.  Wood vinegars contain natural acetic acid and a large number of organic compounds that act as micro-nutrients. There is a wide range of information about wood vinegar and its use in agriculture on the internet and in research papers, but note that every wood vinegar has different properties, depending on how it is made. OFA is particularly effective. OFA is made in Ghana using sustainably sourced wood.


How does OFA work?

OFA  stimulates the plant’s nutrient uptake system to work more efficiently, and encourages positive microbial activity in the soil around the plant’s roots. This is a different approach from most fertilisers, which aim to provide nutrients such as nitrogen directly to the plant through the soil.  OFA’s approach  makes it incredibly efficient.


For example, between one and six litres of OFA is typically enough to treat a hectare of crops, depending on the crop type, planting density and maturity.  In contrast, recommended quantities of synthetic fertiliser for a hectare can be 350 kilogrammes or more. 


OFA works well on its own, but also combines well with other fertilisers, whether synthetic fertilisers, or manures and composts.  Where farmers choose to combine OFA with other fertilisers, they can be used in reduced quantities due to the plant’s improved uptake. The farmer saves money on inputs and reduces potential negative environmental impacts from the other fertilisers.


OFA can be applied as a foliar spray and/or by drenching the soil round the plant’s roots. It can also be used to soak seeds before planting, and for soil preparation, so as to assist germination and early plant growth.

How can I know that OFA will work for me?

We have outstandingly good farmer feedback from all crop types across Ghana, some of which can be seen on our Facebook page.  We also have positive feedback from trials in other African countries including Nigeria and Kenya.


We have a range of independent research confirming OFA’s effectiveness as a fertilisers, pest repellant (including against fall armyworm) and fungicide.


OFA is registered with the appropriate regulators, and is also certified as organic by A-Cert.


If you’d like to discuss your specific needs with our agronomists, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise. 

Make your farming more climate resilient as well as more profitable and environmentally friendly

As well as increasing profitability and being environmentally friendly, OFA can make crops more resilient to environmental stress. It can also increase the quality and shelf life of harvested crops as it enables farmers to reduce the water content of crops at harvest. OFA can also increase the sweetness of fruit crops.

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