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OFA (Organic Farming Aid)

Increases Yields
Controls Pests
Stops Fungal Attacks
Incredibly cost-effectively

OFA, Winner 2023 GAAPA Ghana-Made fertilizer of the year

Welcome to HJA Africa’s website. We provide Organic Farming Aid (OFA), which is an organic yield enhancer increasing yields by up to 100%, offering farmers incredibly good value for money. It is also a fungicide and controls pests.


For example,  a recent  research study showed a typical farmer could spend the equivalent of just $5 on OFA to treat a hectare of maize, and increase the value of their yield at harvest by $200!


OFA is effective for all crop types. We get excellent feedback from our wide range of farmer users (see some testimonials on our facebook page), and have strong backing from a range of  independent research studies.


OFA  can be used on its own or in combination with other inputs.


HJA Africa is based in Ghana (West Africa). We currently only supply OFA within Ghana, but we plan to expand to cover other countries soon.


OFA is environmentally friendly, and is safe for farmers and consumers.  It is registered with Ghana’s Ministry of Agriculture PPRSD section and Environmental Protection Agency.

Increases yields

Controls pests

Stops fungal attacks

OFA is effective for every type of crop, is safe to use and protects the environment.

We partner with researchers, our farmers who use OFA and our advisers to make sure OFA delivers great value.

OFA - Everyone wins!

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